On Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons we began our Topic – Who are my family? In Maths, we used cities from where our families were born. We measured the distances between each city. Some of us wrote them in mm, some in cm and others tried to convert them between cm and mm. After that, we research the actual distance using Google maps!

For Geography we labelled cities and counties in the UK that we know our families were born in. To find out more about the cities we also researched extra information. We were amazed by some of the facts!

In our English task we drew our characters (family members) and labelled them with our descriptive knowledge ( noun phrases and relative clauses). We used these to write a short opening. Some of us even managed to write a short blurb for our story too.



Our families

On Monday, we started by proving our place value knowledge using number cards. We recorded new vocabulary (ascending and descending) then started to partition and order numbers.

In the afternoon, we began to share information that we already knew about our own families and found out about other children’s families too. We liked using the chocolate bar resource to make sure we found out lots of facts. We can’t wait to learn more about our families this term!


Welcome back!

On our first day back we started off by working together to decide on our class rules. We had to consider our work, equipment, listening skills, speaking to others and our behaviour. Once we had chosen our rules we all signed them!

We also found our new seats and equipment / resources so that we can work independently from day 1.

Before lunch we chose how we would write about our holidays; in a storyboard, as an essay or newspaper article. Some of us made it up and others wrote about our actual holidays.

In the afternoon we drew around our hands to create a border for the Wolsley class plane. We tried to include words that described our hobbies such as: climbing, sports, running, biking and fishing.

Wolsley Class

WWF visit Pollyplatt.

On Wednesday the 5th of July Pollyplatt Primary School,  had a visit from WWF.

We had a shock because they had something very special to announce, Pollyplatt’s Green Team,  were awarded the WWF  Ambassadors Green Team Runner up Award. We were picked from over sixty other schools and were nominated by Mrs Rose. We received a wooden plaque and each of the Green Team will receive a goody bag later this term.

The day before we had change over day,  we made passports,  colouring letters for our new school motto, for Hampden, ‘ I am talented! Together we are Hampden!’ In the  afternoon we worked  in  teams to create a tower, made from newspaper. It had to be strong enough  to stand up without any support. We did get covered in printing ink, but it was fun and we are all looking forward to being in Hampden in September.





Year 4 and 5

This morning, Hinds class combined with the remaining year 5’s because the year 6’s were preparing for PGL.

In Maths, we took part in a team code breaker task; we had to find out fractions of numbers in our groups of 2 or 3. We moved around the hall and came across different questions that proved our knowledge.

After break, we had to begin to draw our main character, plan our story and also describe and draw our own setting. We started this story project and will complete it during the rest of the week! 🙂

After lunch, in PE, we split into 3 different teams to practice our cricket skills. Some of us were batting and others were fielding. We are looking forward to our house competition on Friday.



Dress rehearsal

This morning, every body in the school gathered together to watch the first Pied Piper dress rehearsal!

The play was in two sections. We had to make sure that we were ready to clap after all of the songs had been sung. Hinds class particularly enjoyed watching ‘the rats’ in the play because they were funny and they did silly moves too.

We are looking forward to our ‘All change day’ tomorrow and also making our junk models on Wednesday ! At the end of the day, we started thinking about the specific items that we will use e.g. tubes, boxes, bottle tops and cans.

Cole & Corbyn


Centurion Sports Festival

This morning, the juniors of the school went to Sturton by Stow Primary School to participate in a sports morning. There were several activities including dodge ball, tag rugby and circuits. In fun circuits we did press-ups, shuttle runs, star jumps and things like that for 30 seconds and then onto next thing. We had to repeat this twice but had a drinks break in the middle.

Everyone was put in a certain group and rotated the activity they did. Our group, which was group six, started off going on the adventure trail/obstacle course. We then went to go on the parachute to play games that involved running between different colours whilst the parachute was in the air. We also played a game of sharks where children had to crawl under the parachute and catch peoples leg while lifeguards, on top of the parachute, had to catch the sharks.

By Matthew and Martha – Wolsley