What’s the point of air resistance?

In Hampden’s maths lessons, we have been focusing on decimal and fraction equivalents, as well as rounding to the nearest whole number and 1 decimal point for our Year 5’s (can you see the point now?).

On top of this, we have also been conducting our very own science experiment! Us in particular have focused on the effects of air resistance on a journey, so what better way to experiment this than by creating our own parachutes! The children designed their own experiments, to understand the effect of air resistance.

In our next lessons, we shall be looking at ordering decimals, up to three digits long, as well as seeing how we could improve our tests for the future, as true scientists do!

Hampden 🙂


F(r)iction and fantasy stories

Today in Maths we were learning how to round decimals to the nearest whole number and 1dp. To apply our knowledge the ponder task challenged us to order numbers (in ascending order) after converting from cm to mm.

In English, we recapped our writing skills by producing our own fantasy / adventure story based on the opening to ‘The Hobbit’. Using our previous knowledge we tried to include : prepositions, expanded noun phrases, relatives clauses and parenthesis.

This afternoon one of our tasks involved planning and carrying out a Science investigation that focussed on friction. We decided to use different ramps (made from different materials). We measured how far they travelled (in cm) we had to do it 3 times to make sure it was a fair test!

George, Bethan, Luke N, Finlay Luke L, Martha G, Martha R, Matthew 🙂

Thank you for coming to our Family Celebration.

A big thank you to everyone for coming to see the children’s work in Hampden, it was fantastic to see everyone so excited to share all our hard work this term! 🙂 (Mr Marshall and Mrs Burns).

Thank you for coming to our family celebration, I hope you enjoyed looking at our work (Lana, Neave and Ruby).

We really appreciated you coming and talking to us about our work (Charlotte and Callum). A big thank you for coming today (Elizabeth), it meant a lot to everyone in class so thank you (Charlotte).

I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and enjoy your Christmas Puddings! (Coen and Joel).

Thank you for trying our Cottage Pie, we hope you liked it (James).

We look forward to seeing you next year! 🙂 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (Thomas)





OVER-SIZED Wednesday…

In the morning, in English, we made large posters to share our knowledge from this term and last term! We wrote down the name of the skill, the job and an example of us using the skill. To make it easier to understand we also added some tips / hints about how to easily use the skill.

We also worked in pairs to answer comprehension questions. We used a longer text than usual and tried to answer a variety of questions including: ticking boxes, circling, inference and reasoning. (We also had to think about what the question was asking us e.g. who, where, when ,why etc.)

In the afternoon, we recapped the term’s Topic knowledge by producing an independent poster about different focuses – Art, Geography, History, Music, DT and Science. We will be showing off our work at our CELEBRATION MORNING on Tuesday 19th December! 🙂

Alex, Jacob, Ellie, Sam, Alfie, Reece

Science week has arrived!

This week at Pollyplatt Primary school, it is science week! All children from across the school, have come together to solve a very large mystery, how do people change as they grow? With their science minds switched on and classes mixed up, everyone has set about investigating a set of questions with great enthusiasm and creativity, as to work out such a puzzle! Can you see what the children will be testing, just by looking at the pictures?

To make things better, it is only day one! Plenty more practical experiments will be completed at Pollyplatt Primary School this week.

Mr Marshall and Mrs Moody.

Flying high with creativity!

What great enthusiasm and excitement to learning we have seen in Hampden lately! In maths, we have been looking at area and perimeter, where the work came in all shapes and sizes. One ponder, which was to make a 5×4 rectangle using 4 odd shapes, really challenged the children! However with perseverance and apply learning skills, they got it (can you tell which one is the finished product?) In our afternoons, we have been going wild with creativity! Hampden have been finishing our fantastic art work, showing off many skills we have learnt over the last two terms! Moreover, we had many keen writers completing their English non-chronological reports on their families, as well as enthusiastic researchers finding where the food we eat, even started!

Coming soon, Science week! Stay tuned everyone…

Sledging at Snozone…

Yesterday, when we went to Xcape (a big activity centre), we went inside Snozone and took part in sledging and Christmas activities.

After a long journey by coach, we marched eagerly into Xscape and then into the Snozone. Our group started by completing Christmas craft activities; it involved creating our own Christmas puppets!

When the y3/4’s had finished their sledging it was our turn!!!! We rushed to get our waterproof clothes on, then headed to the slopes after we had put on our helmets.

On the slopes, we all grabbed a sledge and hauled it to the top of the hill before we sped down the hill in many different ways: as a train, on our knees, backwards, close to the ground or on our bum.


Lola, Reece, Bethan, Jacob, Alfie, Harvey, Aiden, Finlay 🙂