Friendly start to term, plus a parrot?

It has been a positive return to Hampden this week, where we have been discussing friendships as a class. What is a friend and how do we know someone is a friend? The children came up with some lovely ideas and debating very sensibly, as well as making a lovely poster as a group! Take a look at some of the good collaborative skills in the pictures!

Equally, we are focusing on writing our own explanation text this term, where Pollyplatt Primary School are fortunate to have some special guest arrives with K’nex equipment, to create our own cars! In Hampden, we have been identifying what is an explanation text, it’s structure and the type of language used. One member of class mentioned that ‘because we must explain every process with time conjunctions, it is like having a parrot on our shoulders!’ Well, if it helps them understand they must explain the process.

Moreover, a successful start to term with all the amazing clubs going on in school! If you are still interested in signing your child up to a club, there are still places to join! Get in touch, or click on ‘clubs’ on the school website, to book your child on.

Hampden 🙂