Engineering greatness!

Hampden were very fortunate today to have Ken, who is an ambassador for the bloodhound project, come and discuss all about the Bloodhound’s history and what it takes to go as fast as 1000mph! We learnt that Andy Green (who is the pilot of the Bloodhound) must have excellent reaction time and driving skills, as we discovered by completing some simple reaction tests. Jenson Button was reportedly unavailable for the role…

We were then set the challenge of creating our own vehicle, using K’nex equipment. The children worked brilliantly and continuously, showing great enthusiasm and collaborative skills through-out. Never undeterred by their success and failure, they kept improving their vehicle and testing how far their vehicle could travel across the school hall. Some keen eyed viewers will see the tape on the floor of how far each car travelled!

Everyone in Hampden enjoyed the day and want to thank Ken and the Bloodhound Project for coming and teaching us all about the technology behind the amazing work. On a side not, we also learnt that cows produce a lot of Carbon Dioxide emissions somehow, any guesses?

Hampden  🙂