Picking up the pieces and putting them back together!

At Pollyplatt Primary School, the whole came together (at different stages) to go around the school grounds and litter pick certain parts of the school. As you can see in the pictures, Hampden were tasked with the job of tidying the whole hedgerow up to the main gates! Not worried by the task, the children got to work and did a fantastic job, much to the delight of Mrs Rose. Well done children!

However in Hampden, we have not only been focusing on picking up the pieces as a team to be environmentally aware, but to also put the pieces back together when learning about communication! The children were each given 1 piece of a puzzle out of 5, then tasked to find their 4 friends around the class. Sound simple? Not in Hampden, the rules were to not talk or point at friends! How did they get on? Go see some of the pictures to see just some of the amazing results.

Till next time, I’ve got some puzzle pieces to find!