Wrestlemania and plants?

In Hampden, it has been a very busy start to the term! While the Year 5’s were drumming away on their new project; Mr Marshall decided to take the Year 4’s outside to order some decimals in the sun! Moreover, as part of our PSHE, we looked into whether we play games competitively or cooperatively, the idea of win-win or win-lose approach. There were some interesting results (and plenty of red faces from their effort!) and we decided that in some games, you needed to lose, in order to win!

Our new topic work is also in full swing, where we are looking into what we need to pack, to take to a new planet. One of the items we needed to work on was about plants and what is needed to make plants grow. What better scientists to take the job than Hampden, who have placed a variety of plants in many areas of the class (even Mr Marshall’s cupboard!) to identify the need for water and light.

For now, I’d like to check if the plants have taken over my cupboard!

Hampden 🙂