Hampden’s Carnival Preparation

In Hampden, we have been busy being creative ready for our Carnival on Friday! We are celebrating the move from our old, ruined planet to our new, exciting planet. Hampden have taken up the awesome role of the aliens, where we have been creating our very own hats and tabards. Take a look and see how they have progressed through-out the week! Equally, we have also been busy in class creating a wonderful sculpture of the journey using clay. Have a little sneak peak on how we have got on creating our planets and rockets this week.

All of us in Hampden and the school, would love to see you all attend and see all our creative work!

A special thank you as well to those who have helped Pollyplatt Primary school, such as Rowan and Mrs Beaven, who have supported every child in school with their designs. It has certainly been a fun and creative week at Pollyplatt!

For now, I need to find where I put my hat and tabard…

Hampden 🙂