Hampden’s Carnival Preparation

In Hampden, we have been busy being creative ready for our Carnival on Friday! We are celebrating the move from our old, ruined planet to our new, exciting planet. Hampden have taken up the awesome role of the aliens, where we have been creating our very own hats and tabards. Take a look and see how they have progressed through-out the week! Equally, we have also been busy in class creating a wonderful sculpture of the journey using clay. Have a little sneak peak on how we have got on creating our planets and rockets this week.

All of us in Hampden and the school, would love to see you all attend and see all our creative work!

A special thank you as well to those who have helped Pollyplatt Primary school, such as Rowan and Mrs Beaven, who have supported every child in school with their designs. It has certainly been a fun and creative week at Pollyplatt!

For now, I need to find where I put my hat and tabard…

Hampden 🙂


Wrestlemania and plants?

In Hampden, it has been a very busy start to the term! While the Year 5’s were drumming away on their new project; Mr Marshall decided to take the Year 4’s outside to order some decimals in the sun! Moreover, as part of our PSHE, we looked into whether we play games competitively or cooperatively, the idea of win-win or win-lose approach. There were some interesting results (and plenty of red faces from their effort!) and we decided that in some games, you needed to lose, in order to win!

Our new topic work is also in full swing, where we are looking into what we need to pack, to take to a new planet. One of the items we needed to work on was about plants and what is needed to make plants grow. What better scientists to take the job than Hampden, who have placed a variety of plants in many areas of the class (even Mr Marshall’s cupboard!) to identify the need for water and light.

For now, I’d like to check if the plants have taken over my cupboard!

Hampden 🙂

Mile Race for Sports Relief

On Friday 16th March, Pollyplatt Primary School took part in the mile race for Sports Relief. With the weather still breezy, all the children still showed brilliant enthusiasm throughout the mile event, where everyone took part, either running, jogging or walking.

The event was a huge success, with all children trying so hard throughout, with plenty of tired faces at the end! A huge thank you and well done to the parents who kindly came along and ran or walked the course as well. Take a look at just some of the pictures that were taken on the day.

A total amount that was raised from the event, as well as the week, will appear in the upcoming newsletter. A big thank you as well to all the parents and staff, who kindly brought in some amazing cakes and biscuits for the bake sale. For now, someone has to go and collect all the cones still!

Mr Marshall 🙂

Big Ben!

This week in Lancaster we have been learning how to tell the time on analogue clocks. So far we have learnt how to write the digital time, what am and pm means and converting times. Today we drew our own clocks with Roman numerals on. We had to link our fractions knowledge to help divide the clock face into halves and quarters before writing the times on.


Picking up the pieces and putting them back together!

At Pollyplatt Primary School, the whole came together (at different stages) to go around the school grounds and litter pick certain parts of the school. As you can see in the pictures, Hampden were tasked with the job of tidying the whole hedgerow up to the main gates! Not worried by the task, the children got to work and did a fantastic job, much to the delight of Mrs Rose. Well done children!

However in Hampden, we have not only been focusing on picking up the pieces as a team to be environmentally aware, but to also put the pieces back together when learning about communication! The children were each given 1 piece of a puzzle out of 5, then tasked to find their 4 friends around the class. Sound simple? Not in Hampden, the rules were to not talk or point at friends! How did they get on? Go see some of the pictures to see just some of the amazing results.

Till next time, I’ve got some puzzle pieces to find!


Lancaster’s Week Highlights

On Wednesday we had a great morning on the STEM workshop, learning all about Britain’s attempt at the land speed record with the amazing car Bloodhound. In October this year Bloodhound aims to be the fastest car ever travelling at a speed of 1000mph! We then made our own model versions of the car using connect which we then propelled across the floor using an air foot pump. The winning team was Savage Unicorns, consisting of Lily B, Jessica and Maddison. Well done to you girls.

On Thursday morning we transferred our DT skills into mathematics, making 3D shapes out of card, and learning what we could do to improve them. In English we made a timeline to help us write sentences using different tenses, specifically helping us to use the present perfect tense.

Lancaster 🙂

Multiplication madness

In Maths, we played our games that we had previously created in order to test our own knowledge of multiplication. The multiplication strands that we included in our board games consisted of: using related facts to solve problems, multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000 (including decimals) and using long multiplication.

We tried our best to include something that related to our topic about journeys. Some pupils created counters in the shape of cars (including 3d effects) ; others focussed on longer trips using planes to move from destination to destination.

This piece of work was enjoyable because it was in the form of a game. We were involved in the whole process from planning, creating and playing!

Wolsley 🙂