Engineering greatness!

Hampden were very fortunate today to have Ken, who is an ambassador for the bloodhound project, come and discuss all about the Bloodhound’s history and what it takes to go as fast as 1000mph! We learnt that Andy Green (who is the pilot of the Bloodhound) must have excellent reaction time and driving skills, as we discovered by completing some simple reaction tests. Jenson Button was reportedly unavailable for the role…

We were then set the challenge of creating our own vehicle, using K’nex equipment. The children worked brilliantly and continuously, showing great enthusiasm and collaborative skills through-out. Never undeterred by their success and failure, they kept improving their vehicle and testing how far their vehicle could travel across the school hall. Some keen eyed viewers will see the tape on the floor of how far each car travelled!

Everyone in Hampden enjoyed the day and want to thank Ken and the Bloodhound Project for coming and teaching us all about the technology behind the amazing work. On a side not, we also learnt that cows produce a lot of Carbon Dioxide emissions somehow, any guesses?

Hampden  🙂


Friendly start to term, plus a parrot?

It has been a positive return to Hampden this week, where we have been discussing friendships as a class. What is a friend and how do we know someone is a friend? The children came up with some lovely ideas and debating very sensibly, as well as making a lovely poster as a group! Take a look at some of the good collaborative skills in the pictures!

Equally, we are focusing on writing our own explanation text this term, where Pollyplatt Primary School are fortunate to have some special guest arrives with K’nex equipment, to create our own cars! In Hampden, we have been identifying what is an explanation text, it’s structure and the type of language used. One member of class mentioned that ‘because we must explain every process with time conjunctions, it is like having a parrot on our shoulders!’ Well, if it helps them understand they must explain the process.

Moreover, a successful start to term with all the amazing clubs going on in school! If you are still interested in signing your child up to a club, there are still places to join! Get in touch, or click on ‘clubs’ on the school website, to book your child on.

Hampden 🙂

Lancaster – Jours et Mois

Today, we have continued to learn about the different days and months in French. We have identified in which month we have our birthday and practiced how to say all the months.


We created a table showing what happens in each of the months throughout the year and we are looking forward to learning a song to help us with our pronunciation.

Au Revoir!



Question time (Hampden style)

After a busy week in Hampden, we have ended the week in style, by debating which story to read out to class! Firstly, the children wrote a speech to persuade the class that their story should be read out. Then, After lengthy discussions (and a bit of voting) we came up with our six finalist! The following day, the children then practised reading out the stories to the class. As you can see we had a good laugh reading our wonderful stories!

We have also been developing our art skills during topic, by designing our cars for the long journey that may be ahead! There were certainly many children who could rival Leonardo Da Vinci’s work!

It is also the end of term (it goes so fast!), so have a wonderful half-term and I shall see you all after the break that you all deserve.

Hampden 🙂


During our English lesson, we started our debate to persuade our classmates that our story was the best! Today was round 1, where we had to persuade our table that our story should progress to the class finale.

Tomorrow we will work together to persuade other class members that our table contains the best story in the class.

We have been discussing the type of language, the impact on the reader and the ways that we have created suspense, tension and humour. The winner will be announced tomorrow in our English session.


Wolsley class. Y5/6


Super attitude and hard work!

In Maths, Year 6’s worked in pairs and started an Arithmetic project that involved creating our own test paper alongside a mark scheme. We will test each other later in the week. At the same time, the year 5’s started to work on Reflection. We had to make sure that we plotted the points before we joined them together to create a reflected shape. Then, we had to record the co-ordinates of the new shape we had created.

After we have written up our edited stories we will have a group debate about which one should be read out. Then, the story we choose will progress to the class finale and we have to persuade our class mates to choose our story!

This afternoon, there was a range of activities on show. In Art, we had to practice using a variety of shading and line techniques to create our own flying machine or vehicle. We then evaluated our first draft and made improvements. At the same time, some children were creating posters about Human Rights, whilst others were creating Powerpoints about being safe online.


Winter Wonderland was Wicked!

An amazing day at Pollyplatt Primary School, where the whole school took part in a walk/run around the school for charity (Cancer Research UK). It was great to see so many family members and friends turn up to take part with the children and staff members. A big thank you to everybody for all your contributions and effort today! Here are just a few of many memorable pictures from ‘Camera corner’.