Hinds on a Tuesday

In year 4, we made a pictogram and tally chart about information we wanted to know about our class. We used lots of different images such as: superheroes, books, animals, symbols and stars. In Maths, year 5’s created their own challenges about translation by draw the grid and shapes with translation information e.g. up 1 left 2. We also had to create an answer sheet so our class mates could check if they were correct!

In the afternoon, one of the groups recapped our recent knowledge of possessive apostrophes and speech marks to write our own sentences about the Red Arrows. The year 5’s aimed high to include the perfect verb tense in their writing too! We also planned and investigated with different materials – Nomex, aluminium, Perspex and rubber. We enjoyed testing the properties!dscf7012dscf7013


Wolsley’s Week

This week in Maths we have been plotting coordinates on a 4 quadrant grid to make regular and irregular shapes. We have also looked at translating shapes on 4 quadrant grids.


In English, we have been looking at narrative poetry. We have worked in groups to create a narrative poem about a monster. We needed to include: alliteration, personification, similes and metaphors. We have also been developing our comprehension skills by looking at an advertisement. We had to find which parts were facts and which parts were opinion.


In Topic, we have been learning about the Red Arrows and what they are made of. We have also been drawing using models of the Red Arrows and focusing on our shading skills. Some of the class have been focusing on their writing and have written stories about a pilot who has gone missing.


I have really enjoyed Topic this week because we have been doing different things like Art, Maths and Science. In Maths we had to solve problems relating to what we have learnt in a mornings lesson. In Science, we have been solving problems to do with circuits and trying to make bulbs and buzzers work and shine brighter.


We look forward to what we are going to learn next week!

Proving what we know…

Today, in the morning, we created a game to prove our knowledge of time or angles. To start with, we chose the focus of our game. Following this, we decided how many cards our games were going to have. Then, we designed the parts of the game such as: drawing hands on clocks, writing down digital times, drawing angles to measure and drawing angles on a straight line. Finally, we created our own instructions so that people knew how to play. After the creating, we then had chance to play the games that we had made!

After break, we re-read poems and attempted to summarise a poem in under 50 words. Some children progressed to answering questions about the text.

Hinds class

Lancaster visit the Red Arrows

This term our  topic is  ‘What would you need to build a Red Arrow?’ On Friday 20th January 2017,  we went to visit the Red Arrows. We saw them fly and had a chance to see inside a cockpit. Lancaster class would like to say a big thank you to Flight Lieutenant Emmet Cox (Red 9)  and Corporal Robert Thatcher (part of  the circus team). We enjoyed   learning about the Red Arrows and we  will use lots of the information to help us find out about materials and electrics in our topic.

Thank you again Emmet Cox and Corporal Robert Thatcher we had a wonderful time and we all want to be Red Arrow pilots when we grow up!

Eden and Abi

In Hinds, the year 5’s learnt about the present perfect verb form and how to use it. We pretended to be a commentator at an airshow! Meanwhile the year 4’s used possessive apostrophes in their work as well as improving their vocabulary.

In Maths, we learnt about how to accurately use a protractor to measure a range of angles. Some children also worked out how to draw a reflex angle.

 This afternoon in Topic, we had to correct a story using our spelling knowledge – we found all 10 mistakes!!!

Hinds class

Monday in Hinds

In Maths today, we worked with angles and analogue and digital time.  In English we learnt about possessive apostrophes and perfect tense.

We enjoyed learning a new game in PE – prison dodge ball.

Freya is looking forward to starting our new guided reading books tomorrow.  Alfie is looking forward to applying what he has learnt today in angles to tomorrows work.  Lola is looking forward to maths as she wants to see if she can extend her knowledge of time.